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Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Cafe Du Chateau

1197 reviews

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When it comes to a cup of coffee, don't settle for an inferior experience. At Cafe Du Chateau, we created a Cold Brew Coffee Maker that lets you bring the cafe experience home. Our Cold Brew Maker will help you become the envy of your friends and family by making you the barista.

Cold-brew coffee offers unique advantages over its hot brewed counterpart. The cold brewing process creates a less acidic, less bitter, and more flavorful coffee. Cold brewing allows the natural flavors of the coffee bean to shine and provides a rich, smooth blend that gets lost with other brewing processes.

A beautiful compilation of design, style, and functionality, the Cafe Du Chateau Cold Brew Maker is built using premium quality BPA free materials. We use 304 stainless steel to create a corrosion and rust-resistant housing, filter, top lid, and easy-grip handle. The 34-ounce carafe is made from borosilicate glass designed to handle temperatures that cause other glass to expand and lose airtightness. But the most impressive features of our Cold Brew Coffee Maker are the dual-layer airtight silicone seals and filtration system.

The filtration system was meticulously designed to give your concoctions the optimal brewing environment. The stainless steel filter is constructed using superfine lasers, which creates 360 degrees of filtration. The non-mesh design also means you'll never have to replace the filter. The dual-layer airtight silicone seal is something you don't find in other cold brewers. Two layers of silicone conform to the glass carafe, filter assembly, and lid to provide an airtight seal that keeps contaminants out. The airtight seal also allows your cold brew to stay refrigerated for up to two weeks.

The Café Du Chateau Coffee Maker is the perfect gift for those in your life who appreciate a little decadence. And to show we care about your brewing experience, we provide a free cold brewing guide. Feel confident you will be brewing cups of happiness for years to come.

Customer Reviews
4.5 Based on 1,197 Reviews
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    Roseanne a.
    Starbucks Whooo?!

    So easy to use. Saves me tons of money at Dunkin lol love it. Highly recommended. Always cold brew available in my house

    Cheryl M.
    Love love LOVE!!!

    I made the coffee immediately after cleaning my carafe when I first received it said it in my fridge raider and the next morning I had an amazing cup of iced coffee, only downfall is you have to wait 24 hours, but I guess just plan ahead and you’ll be satisfied.

    Angele V.
    Alex &.
    Nice product but it's dangerous

    This hasn't saved me any more time, energy, or effort than throwing coffee grounds into a mason jar with water and straining them. I still have to strain the finished cold brew through a filter, and the lid has a really tight seal so it's actually kinda difficult to pull on and off without potentially spilling everywhere. However it looks lovely (glass and metal - no plastic, YAY!) and pours well.

    Easy,money saver

    I’m so happy I finally found something that saves me from going to Starbucks every morning! This little gadget makes fantastic cold brew and is super easy to clean in between uses. 5/5

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    User manual and Brewing guide

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